microneedling therapy - younger looking skin

If you think of collagen as the glue that holds the skin together, it does a great job when we're young making the skin elastic and firm. As we age, collagen production just naturally decreases and slowly but surely, the skin starts to sag and wrinkles form. The secret to having firm, elastic skin as you age is to give Mother Nature a boost and get treatments designed specifically to increase collagen production.

We are proud to offer MicroNeedling as one of the newest, most effective and easiest ways to stimulate collagen production ... without the aggression, down-time or cost of more invasive treatments. MicroNeedling creates micro-channels in the skin that activate the body's immune and wound healing responses which in turn stimulate the release of growth factors and the production of collagen and elastin. It  thickens the dermis making wrinkles softer, shrinking pore size and improving overall skin tone. In addition, MicroNeedling has proven to remarkably improve the appearance of acne and other scars.

You probably already know the value of adding topicals such as Vitamin A and C to the surface of the skin. After the MicroNeedling treatment, topicals are applied which can now reach deeper into the dermis through the tiny micro-channels created by the treatment. Their effectivness multiplies exponentially at these deeper levels.

At LivingYoung Center, our estheticians are MicroNeedling-certified and have performed hundreds of MicroNeedling treatments to people just like you who want to give Mother Nature a boost in maintaining the glow of youthfulness. 


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